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The types of criminal law matters for which we at Robert Cassar & Associates will provide an aggressive defense include:

Criminal Defense Misdemeanors to Felonies, personal or property crimes and inchoate (attempt charges)

DWI — (Driving While Intoxicated)

Drug Charges — felonies and misdemeanors involving possession, delivery or manufacture of controlled substances

Ballot Measure 11 Charges — including assault and sex charges

Sex Offenses — defense of clients facing statutory rape, prostitution, or indecent exposure

Violent Crimes — assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, harassment or stalking, and manslaughter

White Collar Crimes — theft, embezzlement, and fraud are just a few examples

Theft and Property Crimes — Ranging from shoplifting and vandalism to armed robbery

Federal Charges — Examples include weapons charges, drug charges, labor laws or internet crimes

Juvenile Crimes — Juvenile delinquency offenses such as minor in possession of alcohol and low-level drug offenses, all the way to felonies for which a minor could be charged as an adult

Post-Conviction Representation — Representing you at probation violation hearings and helping you clear your criminal record through expungement

Divorce — all types of divorce case representation to obtain a positive judgment for our clients

Child CustodySplit physical, legal, joint, sole legal or sole physical custody

Visitation Rightsreasonable parenting time and visits whether local to long distance – establish relationship or prove unhealthy, unstable environment

Domestic Assaults — Domestic violence Lawyers, personal protection orders (PPO) for abuse or a wrongful charge with a PPO; being harassed, assaulted, molested, stalked or hurt in any way

Child SupportSupport order Attorneys can assist resolution of funds to assist in raising children

Pensions — “fair and equitable” doesn’t always end up 50/50 split in Michigan, help to protect your assets

AlimonyCases for and against support for spouse’s health, education, maintenance, and welfare

Estate Cases — Testate (people who die with a will) to Intestate (people who die without a will) Guardianships and Conservatorships for elderly or mentally challenged or disabled individuals

Probate Defense — Any situation where the jurisdiction falls into a probate court


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We offer free initial consultations, provide emergency service, maintain flexible office hours, and keep clients personally informed of the status of their cases. If the police have contacted you or charged with a state or federal crime in the Detroit area, including Livingston or Lapeer counties, contact us today.


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